Falling for France was easy. Moving to France was an entirely different matter. In fact, it took nearly two decades of flirtation before my hubby, Ralph, and I followed our hearts to Provence in 2011.

My first book, Passion for Provence: 22 Keys to La Belle Vie, is the story of how we stumbled upon Provence while living and working in Germany and how we’ve made it home—plus 22 keys to making a French dream come true.

My second book, The Birdwatcher’s Wife, is a true French adventure starring bodacious birds, plus fêtes, food, belles vues. There’s plenty of joie de vivre, too, as my husband–an ardent birdwatcher–and I embark on a quest to discover 200 birds in France in a single year.

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Can you believe it? On 22 September 2019, Passion for Provence was featured on a French TV travel show about St. Rémy de Provence! See just my portion here:

Chroniques Méditerranéennes in St Remy (clip)

Or, if you’re inside France, you can find the link to the full 26-minute show. Hang in there–some commercials precede the program:

France 3 PACA – Chroniques Méditerranéennes: St Remy de Provence