Gliding along…

Glider near St Remy revFriday, 7 July 2017


The back road from St. Rémy to the glider field near Eygalières winds past pastures of horses and cows, huge expanses of olive groves and, of course, vineyards. On our bikes, it takes just around a half hour, but when it’s supposed to nudge 100 F, an early and short workout seemed prudent. Sometimes we see a bright blue roller surveying a field just west of the turn-off to the St. Rémy aero-club but not today. Though the red windsock on the pole planted on a stony outcropping by the edge of the field barely furled, one glider was able take off. Though we needed to beat the heat, we paused for a few minutes to watch the plane float effortlessly over Les Alpilles. Bet it was nice and cool up there.

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