People-Movers, St. Rémy-style

Summer in Saint-Rémy means luxuriously warm temps, bright blue skies, and heady lavender-scents. Everybody and his frère are out and about, taking full advantage of this seductively sensuous time of year. How many ways to feel the breeze? Let me count the ways.hang glider

Up, up and away. You won’t be seeing me up there anytime soon, but I bet the view is terrific and air cool.

yellow mail by bike

Forget the postal truck–the electric bike is loads more fun.

hot ride

But, he really wants one of these babies.

clippity clop

For this happy gal, horse power is the way to go. Nothing like a slow, clippity-clop down La Ancienne Voie Aurelia at the base of Les Alpilles to kick off the day.

moto with basket

For a bit of shopping in town, this scooter-with-a-basket fits the bill. Parking is not a problem.

tourquoise truck

Don’t underestimate his old-timer–it has 2-60 air conditioning. Just roll down two windows and rev up to 60 mph–out in the country, preferably.

vintage red ride

Or do the same in Mint Green Truck’s flashy cousin. For extra excitement, maybe hitch a ride in the flatbed?

hot orange ride

This guy’s got flash and judging by all that lycra, lots of dash too.

Red Car

Golf cart? Go-cart? Whatever it is, what a cute little pipsqueak it is!

And here’s another pipsqueak–a very clever one. Who says you need a vehicle to get around town?

Carrousel 2

September is here and summer is winding down. But while the luscious weather has lasted, it’s been delightful observing the variety of clever and colorful means of getting ’round town. And just going ’round.

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