Refreshing Comfort Zones in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence…and nearby

Lac Peiroou
Tranquil Lac Peiroou, in Les Alpilles, invites thoughtful contemplation.

Calm spaces, peaceful moments, soul-nourishing vistas. All are more important now than ever as the world faces the viral pandemic and often other serious challenges too.

Four Dolfins Fountain
The Fontaine des Quatre Dauphins is the centerpiece of inviting Place Plessier.

Finding solace in the chaos can be difficult. Ralph’s dad used to say that when times are tough, there are three things to do: Get busy, just start, and go outside.

Cafe de la Fontaine fountain
Café de la Fontaine patrons can enjoy this attractive circular fountain.

Following Dad’s advice, each morning, we lace up our walking shoes and push ourselves out the door, out into the natural world. In the summer heat, with the temperature drifting from just below 90F to over 100F, I’ve been paying particular attention to cooling water features.

Nostradamus Fountain
The Fontaine de Nostradamus pays tribute to St. Rémy’s most famous native son.

From beautiful sculpted fountains to simple troughs, the Fontaine de Nostradamus to Lac Peiroou, the Canal des Alpines to the Camargue, this patch of Provence offers a variety of relaxing aquatic scenes. And each exhibits a special soothing something, be it a glisten, shimmer, or sparkle here, a ripple, trickle or flow there. If a backyard pool or a sea is handy, taking a dip—even just a toe—is always a revitalizing spirit-booster.

La Ciotat
A magical sunset in La Ciotat.
Lagoon in the Camargue
A beautiful sunset over a calm Camargue lagoon in Saintes-Maries-de-Mer

Stay well and hopeful.

Bises, Gayle

PS The Birdwatcher’s Wife…in France has taken “a” shape, an important step. Stay tuned!

Mallards on Canal de la Crau
A Mallard family takes a swim on the Canal de la Crau, on the north side of St. Rémy.

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