Heartfelt Condolences


This shimmering sunflower offers hope, and we need it.

Recently, some vicious crimes have rocked France. One was the brutal murder of a middle school teacher in Paris, and the others were worshipers at a church in Nice.

The tragic deaths of these citizens remind us of the destructive power of hate, bringing much grief and despair. Our hearts go out to the victim’s families, and also to France, and all who value freedom around the world.

At the same time, the corona virus infections have surged. Hospital beds are filling up. The French government has declared another severe, month-long lockdown. There are few allowable reasons to leave home and when we do, we must have an official document. For physical exercise, we are limited to one hour-long outing per day, one kilometer from home. (The fine for non-compliance is 135 euros.) Schools remain open, but restaurants, bars and cinemas are closed.

The virus and hate are both enemies of a healthy, thriving society. Let us do our best to conquer them, propelled by respect and understanding. We look to a brighter future where peace and harmony may flourish.

Stay safe, well and hopeful.

One thought on “Heartfelt Condolences

  1. Well said, Gayle. I’m sorry to think that we’ll get through the pandemic long — very long — before we conquer the hatred rooted in thousands of years of tribalism that threatens to destroy us all. Nevertheless, I remain optimistic! Best to you and Ralph. And keep those blogs coming!


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