Bonne Année 2021 from Snowy Saint-Rémy

A very Happy New Year 2021 to you all!

A “sugar-coated” Petit Hotel.

Snowflakes fell on St. Rémy the first week of the year—an unusual event for this patch of Provence. So we were compelled to don our ski attire and head out for a stomp about town to see what we could see.

The Roman ruins of Les Antiques on the outskirts of town.
The war memorial on the Place de la République.

The sun was in hiding, but the pristine dusting showed off our small city in a new light, refreshing our perspective and lifting spirits.

Vines slumber under a coating of snow, at the base of the Alpilles.

Closing the door on a tumultuous year, we welcome 2021, a New Year filled with promise.

Today, sunbeams bounce off the hyacinths, a sign of spring and hope.

Stay safe, well, and hopeful.

Amitiés, Gayle


Update on The Birdwatcher’s Wife: I’m working on the edits from the first editor. It’s long process, but I’m making progress, word by word—stay tuned! And don’t forget to feed our feathered friends flitting about your jardin or windowsill this winter:)

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