Spring Sprouts in Saint-Rémy-de Provence

Our two camellia bushes are going crazy!

Winter’s subdued veil is lifting to reveal a kaleidoscope of color in every direction. A crimson camellia here, a purple iris there, and almond trees bursting with delicate pink blossoms seemingly everywhere. Ah, spring is on its way, bringing with it reminders of resilience and hope.

Dew-tipped almond blossoms, pretty in pink…

With all the little buds popping open, one sunny day I felt compelled to take a spin around St. Rémy with a close eye on nature’s progress, as well as the town’s. My jumelles–the term for binoculars in French—came along, too, in case a friendly robin or jay should pop by to deliver a chirpy hello. Come walk with me. And, by the way, the binoculars are tucked into six photos. Can you spot them?

When cafés open again, what a delight it will be to sip a coffee on this inviting terrace.
Spring pastels brighten up this terrific déco shop on Place Plessier.
Sometimes a bright blue kingfisher makes an appearance along the canals that crisscross St. Rémy.
Browsing the bright and bountiful St. Rémy Presse is a delight in all seasons.
Wooden posts and metal barriers protect the newly planted young trees–they replace the diseased plane trees that, sadly, had to be removed.
A lush green scene at the base of Les Alpilles, a favorite hangout for jays…
An earth mover prepares the site for a car park and residences near centre ville.
Vibrant irises are a welcome treat in late winter.
The Roman ruins of Les Antiques shimmer in the pre-spring sun.
Like many eateries in Saint-Rémy, this charming bistro offers take-out.
One sniff of these fragrant hyacinth blossoms will wake you from winter’s slumber.

Wild flowers like this lovely offer a cheerful surprise at every turn.

A Provençal field of dreams stars dandy dandelions.

Hopefully, mes amis, these snapshots of life marching on in Saint-Rémy will boost your spirits.

Stay safe, well, and hopeful!

Bises, Gayle

PS: The Birdwatcher’s Wife has been through two editors–one an experienced birdwatcher! When I’m finished tweaking the last bits, off it goes for review by a publishing veteran. Deep breath!

5 thoughts on “Spring Sprouts in Saint-Rémy-de Provence

  1. I love the beautiful blossoms and vibrant colors. They bring much needed cheer. I want to take a walk with you and visit those inviting shops. Enjoy spring in your lovely town.


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