JOYEUSES FÊTES to all from Saint-Rémy

A drummer soaking up warm December rays in Saintes Maries de Mer (Camargue).

Season’s Greetings from our maison to yours.

Wishing You a Joyful Holiday Time

and a

New Year Filled with Good Health, Happiness & Hope.

Mille fois merci for your wonderful support over the year as I was trying to bring closure to The Birdwatcher’s Wife. Your kind words always gave me a much needed boost!

Golden light illuminates St. Martin Church, across from the Marché de Noël, which boosts a petting zoo.

As we march into 2022, above all, stay safe and well,

Bises, Gayle & Ralph


I’m pretty sure you know the book is available on Amazon–print and Kindle–but don’t forget, it also can be ordered through any book store. Happy reading, and if you’re noticing birds more, that would be wonderful!

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