My St. Rémy: Almost Mine and Mine Alone

Red flowers
Cascading ruby blooms…

Spring in St. Rémy usually means hoards of tourists cramming the cafés, marchés, and boutiques, as well as festivals and flea markets. Since the lockdown in March due to the corona virus, the entire town sleeps, all shops shuttered except a few food and beverage outlets, the presse and pharmacies. Having this beautiful place pretty much to myself is not a gift I happily accept.

For the last several weeks, we’ve been allowed to go outside for exercise for an hour maximum, just one kilometer from home. Food shopping isn’t limited to an hour, but you make it snappy, wear a mask and when home, wash everything, and then your hands. And, for every outing, you must bring along an official form called an attestation—either paper or on a phone— with the time indicated.

But as of next Monday, 11 May, restrictions will be eased. When we go outside, we won’t have to bring the attestation and we’ll be able to go 100 kilometers from home. Elementary schools will welcome students and shops will be able to open, all with certain precautions. Cafés and restaurants may be able to greet customers in June. We’re cautiously optimistic that vibrant village life will return—albeit slowly—to slumbering St. Rémy.

Lovely lilacs…

In the meantime, printemps bings joy through bursting blossoms and backyard birds—treasures to cherish.

Local strawberries
Local strawberries–what a treat!

Stay safe, well and hopeful!

Grosses bises, Gayle

One thought on “My St. Rémy: Almost Mine and Mine Alone

  1. Lovely article thank you Gayle. St Remy is our favourite town in Provence. It would be great to get back there soon but regretfully that won’t be for quite a while.


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