Provençal Posey Promises

Provencal Posey Promises
Early April bloosoms in Provence

Big and brash, these gorgeous springtime blooms brighten our day, lifting our spirits, here in St. Rémy de Provence.

Colorful signs of printemps are popping up all over, which helps us stay positive, a priority—following waking up fever-free!–in these days of the corona virus.

Mural Clos Mozart 2
Pink blooms perk up the recycle bins in Saint-Remy-de-Provence

In mid-March when President Macron instituted severe movement restrictions for all of France, Ralph and I were in a holiday rental in Palm Springs, California. We weren’t planning to return home until early April, after a much anticipated trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to visit a close friend. As the news of the virus intensified, we quickly realized we needed to take action. Should we stay in the US or return home? Key to the decision was knowing how long the pandemic would last. Impossible to predict. What we did know was that we no longer owned a roof in America, and international flights were soon to be curtailed. We booked a direct flight from Los Angeles to Paris and on to Marseille, landing on 23 March.

Via Domitia rock
On our daily one-hour walk, we follow the ancient Roman road, Via Domitia.

Since then restrictions have tightened. Outside our home, we must carry official identification, and a special form indicating one of the few allowable reasons for the outing (food, pharmacy, etc.), which must include the time and be signed and dated. (Today, 6 April, an electronic form has become available, so from now on we can use our phones.) Promenades are acceptable once a day for no more than one kilometer from your residence. You can take longer and go farther for market runs but only one person to a car. The fine for non-compliance begins at 135 euros. Also, pooches can be walked, so Fido and friends are in the best shape ever.

Horse on walk
Our new best friend greets us on our daily promenade.

Hopefully these precautions will help flatten the curve, and sooner rather than later, the virus will run out of steam, allowing the world to begin recovery.

Mural Clos Mozart
This neighorhood mural reminds us of adventures to come.

Until then, dear readers, stay safe, well and positive!

Grosses bises, Gayle


Mais oui, during the confinement I am making progress on The Birdwatcher’s Wife.

2 thoughts on “Provençal Posey Promises

  1. Dear Gayle, ive been wondering how you both are. Here in Tasmania we have controls, suc as – no visitors in your house. We can only leave our home to do essential shopping (this includes hardware shops and they are doing a roaring trade). You should avoid going to the dr surgery, as they now predominantly doing telephone consultations. You can go outside for excerise, but only with the one person, however visits to the beaches are banned. The social distancing rule expects peope to be 2 metres apart, so supermarkets have a limited number of people allowed to go inside, and social distancing rule expects to be maintained there too. Most schools and universities are closed, and parrnts are expected to teach their children with on line resources from the school. Our state is an island, so if anyone arrives by plane or boat, they must go into isolation for 2 weeks on arrival, needless to say we won’t be travelling to St Remy this year! We have moved to our beac house for a few weeks, and it is surreal to sit and watch the waves, and try to understsnd what craziness is going on. We, snd all our friends arr being very careful. I do hope we get back to St Remy sometime! Kindest regards to you both from Jeanette


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