Sunday Stroll, August 2017

St Remy sign

It’s a warm, lazy Sunday. Today, an easy stroll fits the “fitness” bill. With St. Remy behind us, we meander down a country lane towards Chateau Roussan. En route, we observe several members of the animal kingdom are unaware it’s a day of rest.

zebra cow2

First, there’s the mellow zebra cow surveying its wooded domain.

hi ho silver

Then, a young stallion, rarin’ to go. Let’s not be late for the rodeo!

busy bee2

A busy bee gathers nectar with frenzied speed.

cicada in stone

A carved cicada door-knocker awaits the Sunday lunch visitors.

gecko cropped

A gecko explores its surroundings–possibly looking for a way inside? Last night, its very real cousin was successful at doing just that chez nous. It took a netted pool skimmer and a broom to convince it it would be much happier spending the night in the cool outdoors. And, we were much happier it finally took the not-so-subtle hint.


After the party

A colorful carousel stands still the morning after what looks to have been a very festive night before at Chateau Roussan.

clos mozart

And back home in Clos Mozart, forty minutes later. And now for a much needed siesta, known in these parts as a “sieste.”




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